Building Inclusive and Sensitive Long Term Care Services for LGBTQ Communities

LGBTQ Healthcare Training Class Skilled Nursing

Speaker: Miriam Garfinkel, MA, LMFT

Miriam has been a trainer, educator and practicing psychotherapist for over twenty five years, specializing in the care of LGBTQ people and also the care of people living with HIV.


Speaker: Tim Vincent, MS

Tim has managed a national capacity building assistance program providing training and technical support for the healthcare community as well as training and advocacy for the LGBT community for the past three decades.

Tim and Miriam are the creators of Advocates 4 Equity whose goal is to help individuals and agencies improve their work with LGBTQ people and to increase their sensitivities around issues related gender identity and sexual orientation.

Class Description

Mariposa is proud to offer the nation's leading LGBTQ training class for healthcare providers, skilled nursing facilities. hospitals, and medical professionals. Required for all California healthcare professionals, not just skilled nursing professionals, the class is particularly targeted towards the care of our aging population.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. State common terms associated with sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression;
  2. Improve communication with or about LGBT individuals;
  3. Name the health and social challengeshistorically faced by older LGBT persons including discrimination in health care setting;
  4. State the importance of professionalism in medical settings and the way caretaker attitudes affect health care access, participation, and resident physical and mental health;
  5. Define ways to create a safe and affirming environment;
  6. State the legal and professional obligation to treat all patients in a nondiscriminatory manner;
  7. Name the legal issues relating to LGBT persons, including but not limited to patients' rights, civil rights, marriage and domestic partner laws, and Nursing Home Reform Act.

CEU Info

CME CEU - 1 hour

CMD CEU - 1 hour

NHA CEU - 1 hour

RN CEU - 1 hour

LVN CEU - 1 hour

CNA CEU - 1 hour

NAB CEU - 1 hour