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Supporting Younger Residents

Engaging activities for younger residents: Part 1 [Video]


Long-term care facility residents keep getting younger each year. By recent reports, as many as 14 percent of nursing home residents are under the age of 65 today. Learning to care for younger residents has proven to be a challenge for many care providers, especially in planning activities that people of all ages can enjoy. To better support your more youthful residents, here are a couple activity ideas:

First, you might consider hosting craft clubs. These activities can be expanded in terms of difficulty and interest level, depending on the needs of your residents. While Bingo may be the traditional activity of choice for facilities with older residents, painting, scrapbooking, or computer games, online interaction through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and other computer based activities might be more interesting and stimulating for younger residents. Your older residents might love to join in as well.

Next, consider ramping up your exercise class offerings. Yoga, tai chi, and aerobics all might be great options to get your younger residents moving and having fun.

Thanks for watching! Tune in later for the second part in this series.


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