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Supporting Younger Residents

Engaging activities for younger residents: Part 2 [Video]


Long-term care facilities are no longer just for elderly residents. Now, many more people under the age of 65 are coming to these facilities in need of help. This influx of younger residents presents numerous challenges for care providers. One of these difficulties is in terms of planning age-appropriate activities. Here are a couple more activities ideas that both your older and younger residents will love:

First, movie nights are always fun for residents of all ages. However, instead of only showing movies your older residents would love, consider holding theme movie nights, such as classics from the 1980s, or the best romantic comedies from the early 2000s. This way, every resident feels like their age group is represented.

Next, depending on the needs levels of your residents, it may be helpful to hold discussion groups. Your residents can pick a topic they want to discuss, such as current events, a book, a music genre, or a historical event. This will help them hone their critical thinking skills and socialize with other residents.

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