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Mariposa Training launches three new course bundle options

Mariposa Training launches three new course bundle options

Mariposa Training is pleased to announce the release of three new course bundle offerings. These bundles aim to support long-term care providers seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills of leadership, delivery of care and culture change. Taught by leading gerontologist, Dr. Keith Savell, these bundles are the most cost-effective and efficient way for care providers to gain their necessary CEUs as well as information to improve their residents' quality of care and quality of life. Here is an outline of the new three bundle offerings:

Bundle Cost:  $49 including certificate with 5 CEUs for nursing home administrators, nurses and other healthcare providers. 

Leadership bundle
Leadership knowledge and skills are essential factors in supporting the staff and residents in your long-term care facility. Here is an overview of the five courses offered in this bundle:

  1. Dynamic Volunteers: Building a Successful Volunteer Program: This course will support facilities that want to explore volunteer motivations, along with proven strategies for building and maintaining a successful volunteer program. 
  2. Effective Time Management: This course will examine barriers to time management, along with specific strategies to overcome them. Additionally, it will identify personal time wasters and specific ways you can arrange your personal schedule in a way that appeals to your strengths. 
  3. Risk Management: Why We're Sued and Strategies to Minimize the Risk For Litigation: This course will educate participants about issues that typically lead to elder abuse claims and how skilled nursing providers are increasingly exposed to civil and criminal lawsuits. 
  4. Stress Management: Managing Stress and Preventing Staff Burnout: This course will evaluate the effectiveness of personal stress management strategies, identify personal barriers that impede stress reduction and offers strategies to improve personal wellness and quality of life among long-term care workers.
  5. Supporting the Challenging Family: This course will explore the different types of challenging family members, examine intentional and unintentional motivations and strategies to effectively work with these challenging individuals. 

Nursing bundle
This bundle supports nurses who want to improve their abilities in regards to the care of residents with delirium, dementia and general cognitive impairment. The five courses offered in this bundle are:

  1. Behavior Management: Using Root Cause Analysis to Determine Underlying Motivations: This course will help participants understand the language of dementia and delirium-based behaviors, the importance of identifying triggers and the ABC's of the behavior management process.
  2. Communication: Powerful Tools For Communicating With Residents With Dementia And / Or Delirium: This course will provide health care professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to communicate effectively with residents with cognitive impairment
  3. Dementia and Delirium: Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis and what WE NEED TO KNOW: This course will provide nurses and other health care professionals with an understanding of Dementia and Delirium, and the clinical tools they need to differentiate between the two.
  4. Elopement Prevention: 10 Strategies for Preventing Wandering and Elopement: This course will cover environmental, situational and human factors that may contribute to unsafe wandering and elopement among residents with dementia, along with specific non-drug approaches to reduce these behaviors.
  5. F-329 Unnecessary Medication And Behavioral Alternatives To Pharmacological Intervention: This course will help participants understand F-tag 329, identify strategies for evaluating F-329 survey compliance and explore non drug - behavioral approaches to the care of residents with challenging behaviors.

Culture Change - Person-Centered Care Bundle
Long-term care providers who are striving to provide person-centered care based upon a deep understand of culture change should consider this bundle. The five courses in this bundle include:

  1. Advocacy - Beyond Resident Rights: This course will explore resident rights and the relationship between person-centered care and advocacy. It will also identify opportunities to enhance resident quality of life.
  2. Cultural Diversity: Supporting Culturally Diverse Residents: This course will demonstrate how long-term care providers may embrace and integrate diversity within the scope of the services they provide. 
  3. Person Directed Care: Beyond The Medical Model: This course will explore Person Centered Care, a model of care in which we come to know our residents as individuals with a history of meaningful life experiences - rather than merely as a diagnosis.  The course will also explore how to utilize this understanding in the development of Person Directed Care Plans.
  4. The Invisible Resident: Re-engaging the Disassociated Resident: This course will teach participants how to identify invisible and at-risk residents and strategies to re-engage these residents in meaningful life experiences.
  5. Culture Change: Understanding the Quality of Life Domains:This course will provide participants with an understanding of the key principles which support the quality of life of our residents, and the key elements behind the culture change movement. The course will also help to ensure successful survey outcomes by meeting surveyor expectations related to culture change.

To learn more about Mariposa Training's new bundle offerings, contact one our representatives today!


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