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Non-drug approaches to care: dementia [Video]


Common symptoms for those who suffer from dementia include irritability, agitation, anxiety, depression, physical or verbal outbursts, sleeping problems and delusions. In many cases, non-drug approaches can be more effective than medications when dealing with these challenging behaviors.

According to the Alzheimer's Association, these approaches should focus on promoting physical and emotional support. They can include creating meaningful activities, simplifying tasks, establishing routines, maintaining comfortable room temperature and creating a calm environment.

Other non-drug interventions include memory exercises, art and music therapy and contact with animals. A healthy diet combined with social and physical activities can also improve their quality of life and decrease challenging behaviors. 

To learn more, consider taking the "Behavior Management:  Understanding the Language Behind Dementia and Delirium Based Challenging Behaviors" and the "Communication: Powerful Tools For Communication With Residents With Dementia and Delirium" courses from Mariposa Training.


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