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Support Residents With Challenging Behaviors

Nondrug approaches to care: Person-directed [Video]


An estimated 80 percent of residents with dementia in long-term care facilities exhibit a certain degree of psychological or behavioral symptoms, which can be challenging for caregivers. Many staff members turn to medication to treat this challenging behavior instead of using nondrug approaches to get to the root of the problem and practice person-directed care.

The traditional medical model for care is focused on what you can do to or for a resident. Meanwhile, person-directed care is when you come to know and interact with your residents as individuals instead of only knowing them based on their diagnosis or room number.

With person-directed care you can revolutionize the way you care for even your most challenging residents. You will be able to base your facility's activities, routines, menus and daily schedules around your residents' desires, interests, customary routines, and preferences, instead of on institutional needs or staff convenience.

To learn more about this topic, consider taking Mariposa Training's course in person-directed care called "Person Directed Care: Beyond The Medical Model" today!


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